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The Lost World Reptile Store is your source for quality reptiles and amphibians as WE BREED 90% of the reptiles that we sell from bearded dragons to ball pythons, leopard geckos to corn snakes and everything in between. We are dedicated to offering reptile enthusiasts with the best quality reptiles, feeders, products and service possible. This is our promise to you. Whether you're interested in owning a new reptilian pet or want a fun and educational party with our reptile friends, let our knowledge and expertise help make your reptile experience an exciting and lasting adventure.

Christmas Sale

Orillia and
All Starter Kits 20% OFF!
We have the BEST starter kits on the planet and the best part is they are on SALE!
- ALL Lizard Kits 
- ALL Snake Kits
- Turtle and Frog Kits

ALL Reptiles are ON SALE!
We breed 90% of what we sell so why not put EVERY REPTILE on sale this Christmas Season! We are pleased to offer some very cool reptiles in Orillia and reptiles in Newmarket as part of our CHRISTMAS SALE!!!

- Bearded Dragons - Corn Snakes
- Veiled Chameleons - Ball Pythons
- Leopard & Crested Geckos
- And Many, Many More!
Purchase your new Reptile now and we will hold it for you until Christmas! No need to find a hiding spot at home!